About TALK Corporate

TALK International can provide people in any industry with affordable language training that is essential in today’s multilingual marketplace. We give employees, regardless of job description, the opportunity to broaden their horizons and become more efficient by learning a new language or simply improving their English.

We have extensive experience teaching our clients languages by putting it into practical, skills-specific context for quicker assimilation. Using market-specific terminology, we can teach virtually any language to any demographic and at any degree of proficiency.
TALK International’s prices are highly competitive, and we gladly invite comparisons. In Conclusion, we make language learning accessible to all.
We invite you to experience for yourself the TALK Advantage:

Highly-Competitive Prices

Our Prices are below industry averages although our quality is substantially higher. We gladly invite comparisons.

Award-Winning Curriculum

We use the best existing teaching materials and incorporate elements from our clients’ profession to create an innovative curriculum based on an effective core textbook and supplemented by glossaries of industry-specific vocabulary. This can be supplemented with other materials such as e-learning, CDs, and video clips as well as hands–on activities based on real-life situations.

Unparalleled Customer Service

A Program Coordinator serves as a liaison between TALK International and your company’s HR staff, providing you with unparalleled customer support and a constant line of communication.

Flexibility and Convenience

TALK International is prepared to offer its services at the time and place of your convenience.

Needs Analysis and Placement Assessment

We perform a needs analysis to better understand our valued customer’s business needs and to customize their program. A comprehensive, multi-skilled placement test can be conducted at your location at your convenience determining each student’s precise level of language proficiency.

Accreditations and Affiliations

Our Corporate training programs are accredited AAIEP (American Association of Intensive English Programs). We are highly regarded among the HR and Training Community in the United States, as well giving support to several local associations.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of success with hundreds of companies and organizations in the tri-county area, many of which are Fortune 500 & 1000 companies.