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Do you have an Accent?

Do you Have an Accent? Everyone has an accent, because an accent is simply the way of pronouncing the language when you speak.  If you travel around the world or within any country, you‘ll [...]

Use it or Lose it

If you don’t practice the language…you´ll lose it! It is a fact. So… when you decide to learn a new language, make sure to practice it; otherwise, you will be at risk of losing it. According to [...]

Improving your English

How can I improve my English? A technique most people do is speaking to yourself in front of a mirror. It works, not only to learn a new language, but for any situation in life. It makes you feel [...]

True or False Cognates

What are cognates and how do we know which ones are True or False Cognates? A cognate is a word that comes from the same origin as a word from a different language. Quite often, cognates between [...]

Pronunciation with TALK

We, at Talk Corporate Language Training, are inviting you to come to our courses to improve your pronunciation by learning more about Stress, Rhythm, and Intonation in English. Take Advantage of [...]

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