Business Workshops

Business Workshops

This workshop focuses on developing a variety of skills needed by professionals to communicate competently and comfortably in the English- speaking business world.

Workshop Format
  • Communicative activities – phone calls, meetings, interviews, etc.
  • Business English writing exercises
  • Simulated professional presentation and speech skills
  • Develop techniques in negotiations
  • Systematic coverage of business terms, idioms and expressions


Business Writing Workshop

The Business writing workshop’s main goal is to improve your writing ability for business purposes. You will refine your writing skills through focused grammar and rhetorical exercises. You will gain better training in your compositional skills for more clear and concise communication.


Workshop Format
  • Writing Practice: individual writing samples will be corrected and evaluated
  • Vocabulary building: Key words taught for each writing target area
  • Writing format: Emphasis given to reports, memos, e-mail, and letters