Cultural Diversity & Cross- Cultural Workshops

Effective intercultural communication is an imperative in our global economy. Understanding the values, attitudes and behaviors of people from various countries is very important in order to know how to do business with them. A simple misunderstanding can ruin or delay work for months.

Our Cultural Diversity Training workshops are designed to help companies and organizations with multi-cultural diversity issues in the workplace promoting clearer communication, building trust, strengthening relationships, opening horizons and yielding tangible results in terms of business success.

We help you acquire the intercultural communication skills needed to improve performance in today’s culturally diverse market place. The interactive techniques used in our courses bring the realities of workplace diversity home in order to benefit from the intercultural differences in your workforce and customer base.


Cultural Awareness Workshop

To raise individual awareness of cultural differences and the advantages of a diverse environment. This program is designed to question the participants’ understanding and sensitivity to differences in cultural diversity as well as the impact their behavior may have on others and to value diversity as a source of community strength. This workshop will help to facilitate mutual understanding and effective communication between people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Workshop Format

  • Lecture and discussion
  • Group activities and exercises
  • Role playing and group discussion