Spanish and English Interpersonal Communication Skills 

TALK International is now offering Spanish and English Interpersonal Communication Skills! *

Communication is the basis for all we do in life. Being competent in our communication skills helps us to be successful both professionally and personally. This is a series of 18 units (13.5 hrs.) each course that will help to develop a variety of skills to improve the quality of the content of your communication message and will enhance the quality of your relationships.

Benefits of taking these series:

  • Create a positive environment
  • Improve relationships
  • Turn conflict into cooperation
  • Improve work performance
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem
  • And much more!


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Understanding Yourself and Others

Effective communication begins with understanding “people differences.” These differences are due both to inborn behavior (our temperament styles) and learned behavior (the way we process information and develop our perceptions and attitudes.) It is important that we manage our perceptions and attitudes and be able to bridge our differences with all types of people.

Learn to:
» Identify factors that influence who are and how we relate to others
» Recognize how perception & attitude interfere with effective communication
» Develop skills for perception management and to develop a positive attitude
» Recognize the 4 basic temperament styles their strengths, weaknesses, and communication preference
» Implement ways to relate more effectively with each of the different temperament styles

Getting the Message Across

The quality of communication is only as great as the sum of all the parts that make up the components of the communication process. It is important to improve your writing ability for business purposes

Learn to:
» To construct clear sentences
» To build Vocabulary
» Select the right words and expressions

Accent Reduction

It focuses on developing a variety of skills needed by professionals to communicate competently and comfortably in the Spanish/English- speaking business world.

Learn to:
» Identify the Spanish/American English sounds.
» Produce and practice the troubled sound to improve the accent.

Effective Presentations Skills

Public speaking has been identified as the number one fear of most people. Yet being able to make an effective presentation is a critical competency for success. This course will help you to develop the skills of effective preparation and delivery of both informative and persuasive presentations.

   Learn to:
» Distinguish the difference between persuasive and informative presentations
» Follow a step by step procedure for preparing your presentation
» Develop poise and confidence when making presentations

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Carolina Morales: (954) 565-8505 ext. 214
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*Intermediate/Advanced Spanish/English Proficiency.

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