The Importance of being Fluent!

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How do you know when you’re fluent in a language?

Officially, it’s when you can converse fluidly and rapidly in that language. Determining when you have become fluent takes some examination of your own abilities, and it often helps to have the assistance of a teacher or other fluent speaker to figure it out for certain. Do you feel comfortable speaking, reading, and listening to the language in everyday life? Can you understand native speakers from different regions? Have you begun to understand colloquialisms, slang, and idioms? The more fluent you become, the more at ease you will be with the unique and varied aspects of a language, and the easier it will be to work and think in that language.

With conversational classes, you are guaranteed an opportunity to speak, to listen and to practice on a regular basis. There are so many great benefits that you need to consider such as:

  • Build Confidence
  • Pronunciation
  • Reinforcing Grammar
  • Listening Skills
  • Diverse Subjects That Matter
  • Multicultural Sharing

For example, let’s listen to the following audio, and think how much you understand from it and if you would be able to have a conversation using the vocabulary from the listening…

Source: From Breaking News English

After listening to the audio, write down the terms you do not understand and look for the definitions, it is good strategy to learn vocabulary.

Try to use the vocabulary learned in your day to day use of the English language. The key to mastering a language is to practice. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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