Learn a new language by phone!

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Learn a new language by phone!

Most people find speaking on the phone in a second or foreign language, challenging at first because there is nonverbal communication such as body gestures. We don´t realize how the body language can influence on understanding a language.

But, with practice and perseverance, speaking on the phone will become much easier if you practice your pronunciation, and learn the special vocabulary and phrases you need to communicate better on the phone.

The fact that the telephone technology is constantly changing, evolving and developing over the years, allow us to take advantage of it by using the phone as a better tool in teaching and learning a new language.

Nowadays, most people use mobile phones or smartphones to send text messages, take pictures, record and play audio and videos, and much more. All of it means the face of personal communication is also changing.

Effective communication over the phone require clarity of speech, knowing what you want to convey to get the right message; therefore, comprehending and understanding a language is necessary when students are learning a new language. It is why TALK Corporate hopes to connect you with fluent speakers of the language you want to learn in different ways.

One of the language services we are currently offering is learning to be more fluent in the language by practicing through your phone or smartphone.

Some of the benefits of our Telephone language classes are:

  • Develop confidence and fluency
  • Practice pronunciation, intonation, and use of vocabulary
  • Correct expressions
  • Apply the language to real telephone situations through simulations.
  • Improve your listening comprehension
  • Short classes
  • Tailored made to your specific needs.

Also, you have the option of blending these classes with other technological tools such as WhatsApp, chatting and more.

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