Learn About Culture by Exploring a Language

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Learn About Culture by Exploring a Language

Every day we have an opportunity to expand our global experience by exploring other languages. Though language learning is a lifelong process, knowing even a few words, greetings, or sayings in another language will help you build rapport with people from other cultures to understand each other better. You can even gain a new perspective of the world by comparing with your own culture that you may not have previously considered

Therefore, it is time to take action and start learning other languages. Language training is an important investment, but we need to be aware that it comes together with culture. We need to be conscious that not being aware of the cultural factor, we can fail to fit a multicultural environment.

For example, when we do business with a foreigner, we need to understand his cultural background, the role of the company within various cultural and regional contexts as essential as learning to conjugate new verbs. We want to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements due to lack of cultural awareness. Therefore, it needs to be embedded in language training as a whole.

Let’s watch this short video to see some examples of language and culture:

Language Landscape of the Dominican Republic

Definitely, learning to be more open and to accept other cultures and people, will help any language learner in their efforts to improve their language learning. You will learn those expressions that are truly unique to the language and culture.

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