Learning a language without grammar?

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Can we learn a language without grammar?

Grammar consists of different pieces, like a puzzle. We need to put the pieces together in the correct way to communicate properly. We can’t learn a language without it. I have no doubt about that.

It is important to think of grammar in a different way; don’t be afraid of it. Grammar is basically, the knowledge acquired through different experiences and practice to produce sentences.

You need to engage in communicative situations using appropriate language and patterns. Exposure to real language and real situations in context is part of the language learning. Focus on gist, not form. You need to focus on meaning of what we are trying to communicate with others. There is no communication if you do not understand what you are learning. Once you do, focus on those patterns that are important to learn such as grammar.

Opportunities to practice what you learn in class in REAL or REALISTIC communicative situations is essential to the learning process. You can also create situations to practice and do not be afraid of making mistakes. You need to encourage yourself to improve reviewing them.

Recycle and go over the topics you have learned as many times as necessary to put into practice the vocabulary and other patterns learned. Doing it, you will acquire the new structures in a natural way. Make it fun!

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