Commonly Confused Words in Spanish

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Commonly Confused Words in Spanish!

When you learn a language, you might get confused every time you come across some words that are so similar and make the learning of the language harder. Let’s take for example the words that seem to be so similar in meaning but are not!

It is important to double check the new words you learn before we put it into practice in any conversation. We will talk about some confused Spanish words and give you some tips on how to understand them and use them correctly.

Conocer and Saber – ´to Meet” and” to Know”

Very often, students get them confused. Conocer is a common verb in Spanish which means “to know or be familiar with someone, something or somewhere.”  It all depends on the context it is used.

For example:

  • Conozco a tu novio (I know your boyfriend)
  • Conozco China (I know China)
  • No conozco las obras de Leonardo da Vinci ( I am not familiar with Leonardo da Vinci´s work)

To make things more complicated, Saber can also be translated as “to know”, when it is referred “to know a fact” or learning abilities, or “to know how to do something.” Notice that Saber very often is followed by an infinitive or a subordinate clause.

  • No sé la dirección (I don´t know the address)
  • ¿Sabés manejar? (Do you know how to drive)

We hope you have a better idea now on how to use both: Conocer and Saber. Keep practicing!

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