Do you have an Accent?

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Do you Have an Accent?

Everyone has an accent, because an accent is simply the way of pronouncing the language when you speak.  If you travel around the world or within any country, you‘ll hear different accents everywhere you go. For example, when you travel to another part of the US, you will hear how different the locals sound in comparison to other people from different states.

Non-native speakers shouldn’t worry too much about accents as often does not present a barrier to communicating with others. On the other hand, it can be frustrating if you have a thick accent and are misunderstood when speaking.

If your business depends on your ability to represent the company by communicating clearly with clients and partners of different nationalities, or when taking classes abroad. This limitation can be especially challenging.

Therefore, reducing your accent when it’s too heavy, will help you speak fluently and clearly. It doesn’t matter what your mother tongue is. It is a great way to go from simply knowing a language to truly mastering a language. With some simple attention to pronunciation through classes, immersion, and practice, accents can be managed or reduced, depending on your specific language need.


Below find a video with some American Accents throughout the USA!


Talk Corporate invites you to keep learning and practicing by taking accent reduction classes to improve your English language.

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