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If you don’t practice the language…you´ll lose it!

It is a fact. So… when you decide to learn a new language, make sure to practice it; otherwise, you will be at risk of losing it.

According to the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), some of the causes of language endangerment and disappearance are when:

  • its speakers disappear or when they shift to speaking another language – most often, a larger language used by a more powerful group necessary for full civic participation and economic advancement.
  • languages are threatened by external forces such religious, cultural or educational subjugation,
  • there are internal forces such as a community’s negative attitude towards its own language.

English is one of the most spoken language across the internet and around the world, there’s been talk of languages dying out faster than ever before because of its influence. The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, recently wrote an article on how Icelandic language is changing drastically due in large part to the use of English used online and day to day conversation.

Not all the languages are automatically supported online. English, Chinese and Spanish  languages are the most widely spoken in the world:  A professor at the University of Iceland spoke to The Guardian about this “digital minoritization,” how “young Icelanders in particular now spend such a large part of their lives in an almost entirely English digital world” and “are no longer getting the input they need to build a strong base in the grammar and vocabulary of their native tongue.” This statement is not only true for Iceland, but for many other countries around the world.

The influence of the English language in other languages in general is very strong, and we need to take it to our advantage when learning a new language. In the age of Social Media, Smartphones, TV and Movie Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and many others, we can practice the language more and in different ways.

How can you practice it?

Let´s take for example talking or making requests to Google on your cell phone; practice by asking and if you get an answer, it means you got it right. You practice your intonation and pronunciation doing it. It is like when you use your TV control to search for specific channels or information. Same with WhatsApp, you can chat or send a recording to your friends to practice more.

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