How to build your Vocabulary

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How to build Vocabulary

Effective written and oral communication skills require you to improve your vocabulary. Language is a very powerful tool, and we need to learn effective strategies to build vocabulary.

We will give you some tips on how to build your vocabulary, and why it is important to improve it!

  • Read, read, and read…

Reading any written material will teach you new vocabulary. You will have the opportunity to read more words than what you are able to hear in a social setting or on TV.

  • Practice the new words in context…

Once you learn a new word, use it and keep practicing it.

  • Play games with words you learn

Word games are a good way to increase the vocabulary you already know, and the ones your peers know as well.

  • Associate words with things you already know

It will help you remember the new words and use them properly in context.

  • Use Mnemonics or link-words

It is a fun way to learn more vocabulary with pictures, visual, emotions, etymology, as it will help you remember the words by connecting it to something more meaningful or structured.

  • Use Google as a resource to translate words when necessary

According to Google, “Every day, more than 100 billion words are translated with Google Translate. And the ones that are translated most are the ones that bring us together.” You can check this Advertisement and I invite you to write a short essay to practice your writing and discuss with your friends.

Source: Google 


All these tips will help you be a better writer and have a more diverse vocabulary for speaking success. Remember, to convey the right message is essential; therefore, comprehending and understanding a language is necessary when students are learning a new language to improve their four language skills.

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