Improving your English

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How can I improve my English?

A technique most people do is speaking to yourself in front of a mirror. It works, not only to learn a new language, but for any situation in life. It makes you feel more confident. Imagine that you are trying to discuss any topic with another person. You can repeat the same speech multiple time. If you practice speaking aloud to yourself until you do it right, that might come up in conversations with others.

Everyone makes mistakes when learning a new language. Even in our own language, we make grammatical mistakes while speaking or writing. The truth is that most people don’t like to follow grammar rules, especially when we are speaking informally with relatives or friends.

When  learning a new language such as English, things can happen, and embarrassment occurs as the result of a spoken or written error, we shouldn´t worry about it. Making mistakes is part of our learning process, and it is important to learn from our mistakes to be better and do better next time.

Talk Corporate can help you understand English native speakers better in conversation. As you are learning tips that can help you build your confidence in speaking English, and all the aspects of the language that are most useful for you at work or in your daily life.

Here are some examples of common mistakes we make when speaking in English. We hope these tips help you in any way.

Me/IRobert and me went to the store.Robert and I went to the store.
Meaning: Happy
They feel well.They feel good.
Among/BetweenShe could not decide among the two dresses.She could not decide between the 2 dresses.
Do/makeI have to make the dishes.I have to do the dishes.
Since/ForI have worked in this company since 6 months.I have worked in this company for 6 months.

We invite you to join our onsite English Courses, and Skype Conversational classes to improve your fluency, focusing on the four language skills (grammar, reading, speaking and writing).

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